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what to do in Nafplion

The time in Nafplion always passes quickly, there are so many things to do and see whether a local whiling away your time in on of the many coffee shops or a visitor to the area taking in the historic sites or relaxing on the beach.

Below are a number of ideas that we can suggest during a visit to Nafplion, or even if you are a local!

Wander around the narrow Venetian streets of Nafplion, stop and have a coffee or a drink in one of the bars on the harbour and people watch, try out some of the local delicacies in the local tavernas and restaurants and then take a walk around Arvanitia breathing in the fresh sea air.


Hire a car and explore the little known areas around the outskirts of Nafplion, archaeological sites, monasteries and areas of natural beauty.


Nafplion is a romantic and magical city for people of any age and once visited many people return time after time. Over the ages impressions have been left from all its conquerors resulting in an interesting and stunning beauty.